Book Release - Santo Domingo, D.R.   Ediciones de a Poco opening   09/09/16, 7pm   at  Mamey Librería → facebook

Goethe Institut Lyon   L'IMAGE SE FAIT DANS LE TÊTE OU Goethe Loft 18 rue François Dauphin 69002 Lyon → info exhibition   16/09/16 → 20/12/16

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HGB Leipzig   »Klassenausstellung« with Marina Kinski, lots of cats and the POTUS in Cuba. exhibition   30/06/16


Beijing Residency 2015   very happy about having been selected for the three months artist-in-residency-program in Beijing by the Goethe Institut Beijing and the → I: project space

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Deichtorhallen, Hamburg   the second gute aussichten exhibition will have its opening in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg – find more information → here and → here exhibition   23/01/15 → 08/03/15 opening   22/01/15, 19:00

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Quisqueya Magazine   accompanying the deichtorhallen-exhibition

Goethe-Institut Paris   »La jeune photographie allemande« → More info here. exhibition   05/02/16 - 20/03/16 opening:   04/02/16, 19:00

Artist Talk     Hosting an artist talk at i:project space where i:projectspace BeiXinQiao BanQiao Hutong 10 北新桥板桥胡同10甲 ) 100007 Beijing when   12/07/15,

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hiersein ist herrlich   2 Bks, 42 Pgs each Ed. of 25

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gute aussichten - catalogue   224 Pages, 16,7 x 24,1 cm ISBN: 978-3864902260 now available (for example → here)

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Freies Museum Berlin   Abschluss Arbeiten, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, MA VK exhibition   16/10/14 – 21/10/14 opening   15/10/14, 19:00

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hiersein ist herrlich   group exhibition with Lisa von Billerbeck, Konrad Hempel & Christian Schiebe @ Lehrter Siebzehn → more info here exhibition   13/06/14 – 17/06/14 opening   12/06/14, 19:00

Artist Talk   I'll be giving a lecture on "La Fotografía como Herramienta Para La Historia Oral" / "Photography as a tool for oral history" where   AGN, Departamento de Materiales Especiales Calle Gral Modesto Diaz, Santo Domingo when   06/12/13, 10:00